Rafah crossing and the impossibility of leaving Gaza

A Palestinian woman stands by a fence during a protest calling on Egypt to open Rafah border crossing, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israel calls for closure of UN Palestinian refugee agency

Palestinian protesters demonstrate near the Israel-Gaza border east of Khan Yunis as they protest against calls for the closure of UNRWA by the Israeli prime minister

Ahed Tamimi Has Become the Symbol of a New Generation of Palestinian Resistance

 Ahed Tamimi is young Palestinian from Nebi Saleh, a village close to Ramallah. Since her youth, she has been praised by activists and the international community for her courage during protests in Nabi Saleh – protests which have been held every Friday in the village for years. Tamimi started attending the protests when she was just nine years old. At age 11, she rose to international prominence after a video and series of photos were published of the young activist, alongside her mother and aunt, desperately attempting to save her injured brother Mohammad from being arrested by Israeli forces. Two years later, Ahed received the Handala Courage Award in Turkey. A photograph of Ahed Tamimi standing up to Israeli soldiers already earned her an invitation to meet then-Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In 2015, another picture of the girl biting the hand of an Israeli soldier trying to arrest her brother, became a symbolic photo shared widely around the world.


A Palestinian protester throws a stone at Israeli forces near Qalandia checkpoint

A Palestinian protester throws a stone at Israeli forces near Qalandia checkpoint near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Tense scenes as unrest over US Jerusalem move continues

Israeli forces patrol near the checkpoint in the occupied West Bank as protests continue after the US president’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

A Palestinian protester in a Santa suit throws stones towards Israeli security forces

A Palestinian protester in a Santa suit throws stones towards Israeli security forces during clashes at Atarot checkpoint on the northern outskirts of Jerusalem.

Protest for the release of Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi

Protesters carry pictures of Palestinian detainees as they call for the release of Ahed Tamimi. The Israeli army arrested her on 19 December after the uprising following Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Thousands attend funerals for Palestinian martyrs

Thousands attended on Saturday the funerals of four Palestinians, who were martyred during clashes with Israeli forces a day earlier. Hundreds of mourners laid Mohamed Amin Akel, 22, to rest in the West Bank city of Hebron. Akel died of his wounds on Friday after he was shot multiple times by Israeli forces — after allegedly stabbing an Israeli soldier in the city. Basel Ibrahim was also buried in his hometown village of Anata in northern Jerusalem after he was martyred in clashes with Israeli forces in the village.







Israeli agents disguised as Palestinians attack palestinian protesters

Israeli agents disguising themselves as protesters by wearing Palestinian flag headbands and keffiyehs are spotted in Palestine’s Ramallah. The Israeli agents kick and hit protesters as well as detaining them. The images were captured during a demonstration against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, near Beit El Checkpoint in Ramallah, West Bank on December 13, 2017.







Israeli soldiers martyr disabled Palestinian demonstrator

Ibrahim Abu Thurayah lost both his legs in 2008 when an Israeli helicopter targeted him for raising a Palestinian flag. His disability did not stop him from protesting against the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Thurayah, 29, was killed during clashes with Israeli soldiers on Dec. 15 in Gaza City on Friday. Merely hours before his death, Thurayah unfurled the Palestinian flag from an electricity pole. He was shot in the head by a sniper, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza.